Vacuum Sealer Machine, CalmDo Food Vacuum Air Sealing System with Full Automatic Bag Sealing Technology for Food Saver Storage, CD-V001

Price: $75.99
(as of Sep 15,2020 17:50:22 UTC – Details)

Product Description

CalmDo Vacuum SealerCalmDo Vacuum Sealer

CalmDo Vacuum SealerCalmDo Vacuum Sealer

CalmDo Fully Automatic Vacuum Sealer Machine : Save Your Food/ Space/ Money/ Time

CalmDo Fully Automatic Vacuum Sealer removes most of the oxygen, which slows the growth of bacteria, store your food based on food shape in the refrigerator, extend your food freshness 5x longer than normal preservation methods.

Especially, comes with the exclusive design of the knob switch on the cover, which is much easier to open and close, compared with other vacuum machine with press-type lids.


Fully Automatically Opening & Closing Cover: Just insert the bags, press the model, the cover will lock & release automaticallyCustomized Vacuum Mode: Vacuum everything you want to vacuum according to your own ideasSeparated DRY & MOIST Model: No need to press to choose DRY & MOIST, save your timeDigital Touch Controls with LED Light Indicator: Easily guide you through the vacuum sealing processAutomatic Overheat Protection: Keep the heating strip in the fixed temperature which won’t melt the bags



Voltage: 120V/ 60Hz

Vacuum Power: – 80Kpa (MAX)

Maximum sealing width:30 cm/ 11.8inch

Weight: 1.6kg/ 2.4lb

Product Size: 37×17.4×7.7cm/ 14. x6.9x3inch

CalmDo Vacuum SealerCalmDo Vacuum Sealer

Automatic Opening & Closing Cover – Vacuum, Seal and Release Automatically

Just put the bag into the vacuum chamber without lifting the lid, choose a mode, touch once, then wait for it to release. (Please Note: You could vacuum seal when you feel the bag put into the vacuum cavity was blocked )

Featured by 2 powerful vacuum pumps with strong suction, up to – 80Kpa vacuum power, touch the model once, CalmDo Food Sealer will reach an appropriate vacuum level quickly within several seconds, and give your vacuum bags an airtight seal.

Save your tons of time and money with your favorite CalmDo!

CalmDo Vacuum SealerCalmDo Vacuum Sealer

CalmDo Vacuum SealerCalmDo Vacuum Sealer

CalmDo Vacuum SealerCalmDo Vacuum Sealer

LOCK&RELEASE AUTOMATICALLY: Simply feed your bag of food into the vacuum chamber, touch the model, CalmDo automatically takes care of the rest to ensure the food stays fresh&flavorful
CUSTOMIZED VACUUM MODE: Free to control the vacuum time to fit whatever you seal, provides your food with best preservation based on the type of food
QUITE CONSISTENT SEALING: Up to 80Kpa powerful pump and best quality heating wire with overheating protection, guaranteed to reach an appropriate vacuum level and airtight seal with one touch
KEEP FOOD FRESH: Ideal food saver for meat, cheese, vegetables, fruits, herbs, marinated food and sous vide cooking; the ability to seal, freeze, and store food for later makes prepping your meals in advance a breeze
COMPATIBILITY: Twist the top knob to clean the vacuum chamber and gaskets easily; comes with a roll of bags and a small bag opener to get started; compact size and sanitary touch buttons make storage no issues

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