11 Cup Food Processor – A Real Time And Money Saver In The Kitchen

The 11 cup food processor is a basic necessity for a family of four or more. With the larger capacity you will be able to process more food with less effort. Some new models have a large enough food chute that you can even put in a whole potato without having to cut it into pieces. With the older smaller models, half of the job was the prep time involved in cutting up the food so it would to fit into the small chute.

Most of these new size models that hold 11 cups have bigger motors so you will be assured that they can carry out the bigger jobs of even mixing dough without the motor getting overheated. A larger motor will make your food processor heavier but that also means it won’t slide around on your kitchen counter.

These large capacity models are capable of doing many multiple tasks. When you think about it, This appliance can be one of the most used appliances in your kitchen. This is especially true if you are trying to save money and make a lot of homemade meals from scratch. By making these meals in bulk you can freeze or can your food. It is always cheaper to make food in quantities.

Did you realize that with this size of food processor you can make bulk batches of pasta sauce, shred an entire head of cabbage without emptying the bowl, chop a pound of nuts, make dough for more than one bread pan, make extra big batches of puree’d baby food and so much more. If you have a garden you will want to use this for processing your vegetables. If you have fruit trees you can slice and freeze. This is also great for helping preparing food dishes for large party groups or occasions.

By getting a larger capacity processor you will avoid the hated spilling and cleanup that occurs with the smaller capacity versions. This always happens when you have to empty the bowl several times in order to complete your task.

There are only a few companies that make this size. It is important when you are thinking of getting one, to find out what attachments come with it, as well as warranties. Also look at the comments on the specific models from people who own them and see if people liked them or had a lot of problems. As with most things these days, that information can easily be found on the internet along with the best prices for purchasing one.

The Cuisinart is one manufacturer who has been making 11 cup food processors for awhile. This company has a reputation, for producing work horse motors that last for years. If you are thinking of getting an 11 cup food processor, you might want to check out their products.

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